To be a designer is a kind of art work. However, to proceed further, to develop a brand and to find a marketplace for the ideas, it is sometimes a struggle. But with a firm determination, love and passion, finally, at the end, a little wish may come true… And that wish is called the Himdeve. The brand designed to be successful.

Our next goal is to change all our products to be 100% eco-friendly. To use only a cotton, no plastic, to save this planet. Because this is our home and we would like to take care of it. We also decided to promote the eco-friendly idea further and to present T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweetshirts and more with the eco idea printed on them. And not only this. We will never go for some kind of leather materials or something. We are fighting for vegan fashion too. As well as promoting yoga and other philosophies to develop a human mind for compassion.


You know what’s beautiful? One of the most exciting things about the fashion is a diversity. There are so many styles around us. As much as our print colors are vivid, that much there are fashion styles in the world. And it’s no secret that fashion repeats itself as well. And therefore we try to give you a large scale of possibilities to pick up the best items according to your own choice. You know what you like. And that’s fashion! It’s fashion for you! It’s something you feel good in.


Our interest is focused on equipment and quality checks to bring the best print quality in the industry. We have industry-leading suppliers to guarantee you the best colorful experience on our products. Our colors match the original print file as closely as possible. We use Kornit series printers and inks for DTG apparel.


The most of our orders we are capable to ship within 5 business days. At the moment, we deliver only to the EU. Which means you don’t have to worry about the customs duties. There are no hidden fees.